Triceratops in Wildlife park 2

Triceratops is an animal that was intended to be downloadable for Wildlife park 2.It is also in WLP3. It will also be in Wildlife Park 2: Dino World. In WLP2, it must be reasearched from the finds on maps.

Wildlife Park 2: Dino World Edit

Cost: $60000

Attractiveness: 4 1/2 Stars

Food Edit

Water: 120 l/day

Forage: 180 kg/day

Fruit: 30 kg/day

Movement Edit

Scrape: 2 hours/day

Environment Edit


Hardness of Ground: 40 to 55

Temperature: 15°C to 40°C

Social Matters Edit

Maximum Age: 70 Years

Sexual Maturity: 2 years

Minimum Size of Herd: 2 animals

Offspring: 1 to 2

Gestation Time: 3 Months

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