Wildlife park 3 smilodons by wika12375-d6x1t8i

Animal Statistics
Animal Type Felidae
Diet Carnivore

Smilodon is a extinct mammal in Wildlife Park 2 & 3.

Wildlife Park 2Edit

Basic Info
Required Genes 175
Cost 32,000
Attractiveness 5 Stars
Water 1 l/day
Meat 10 kg/day
Movement Jump: 1 hour/day

Climb: 1 hour/day

Play-fighting: 1 hour/day

Scrape: 2 hours/day

Land Type Lowland
Hardness of Ground 25 to 50
Temperature -10°C to 35°C
Social Matters
Maximum Age 20 Years
Sexual Maturity 5 Years
Size of Herd 4 to 10
Partner Caring 1 hour/day
Offspring 2 to 4
Gestation Period 5 Months


  • Their name means "knife tooth".

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