Wildlifepark3 jaguar
jaguar is a creature from Wildlife park 1-2-3

In real life Edit

Jaguars are carnivore and live in south-america,mainly in Brazil,they live in tropical forests and they're conservation status is almost threatened. They like swim,jump,run and to climb.

They are known for biting the nape of various animals, such as tapirs or even alligators. They do not attack humans for pleasure, only when they are hungry or feel threatened, and can kill those who threaten their offspring. They are not very social and most of the species lives alone.

Wildlife park 2 Edit



Food Edit


Meat:2 kg/Day

Movement Edit

Jump:1 Hour/Day

Swim:1 Hour/Day

Run:2 Hours/Day

Environment Edit


Hardness of ground:20 to 40

Temperature:15 C TO 40 C

Social Matters Edit

Maximum Age:20 years

Sexual maturity:3 years

Size of herd:1 to 8

Offspring:1 to 3

Gestation time:3 months