Humpback Whale
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In-game screenshot

Game/Expansion Pack(s):

Wildlife Park 2: Marine World










Swim: 5 Hours/Day


Ocean Temperature: -25°C To 25° Swim Depth: 100cm

Social Matters

Maximum age: 30 Years

Sexual maturity: 7 Years

Size of Herd: 1 to 15

Offspring: 1

Gestation time: 12 months

Description Edit

  The Humpback whale is an animal in Wildlife Park 2: Marine World. The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of Baleen Whale.                                                                             

In-game Description Edit

This is how it is exactly written in the game's encyclopedia:

"Lat. Name: Megaptera novaeangliae. The Hump-backed Whale is a smaller representative of the Baleen Whales, populating the oceans and seas of the world. With up to 190 decibles, his song is one of the loudest in the animal kingdom. Large-scale whaling has decimated the world-wide population to 12.000 animals."

Trivia Edit

  •   The Humpback whale's size is inaccurate due to the Orca being a bit larger than the whale itself.       
  •   In game, it's name is presented as "Hump-backed Whale"       

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