4 Gastornis (2 males in the front and 2 females in the back (the blue ones))

the gastornis (also known as diatryma) was a prehistoric giant bird that lived during the paleocene and early eocene the only time on earth were birds ruled the world and fossils have been found in north america and europe. it was likeley carnivorous and hunted early cat sized horses. it

is a adoptable creature from Wildlife park 2 and come in many different variants.

Wildlife Park 2 Edit

Required Genes: 700

Cost: 500000

Attractiveness: 6 Stars

Food Edit

Water: 1 l/day

Meat: 3 kg/day

Movement Edit

Run: 2 hours/day

Jump: 2 hours/day

Environment Edit


Hardness of Ground: 50 to 70

Temperature: -10°C to 3°C

Social Matters Edit

Maximum Age: 15 Years

Sexual Maturity: 5 Years

Size of Herd: 2-10

Offspring: 1 to 3

Gestation Time: 1 Month