There are 2 kinds of wooly rhinos. The first is an Elasmotheiruim, and was planned for Wildlife park 2, but was cancelled. However, it can be downloaded. The other is a Coelodonta, and must be reasearched from the rhino.

Wildlife Park 3Edit

Since there was a cancellation of its appearance in Wildlife Park 2, the Elasmotherium was then put in Wildlife Park 3 as an adoptable animal. There is a strange variant of the Elasmotherium that has 2 horns sprouting from the side, similar to Arsinoitherium, a semi-aquatic rhinoceros-like creature that is related to elephants.

The horn on the Elasmotherium is sometimes cut off when you adopt. The Elasmotherium is somewhat potrayed in the game as not being suited to cold climate, unlike the other excinct species in the game. The unusual variant of the Elasmotherium can only apear on a male animal.


Elasmotheiruim, a kind of Wooly Rhino

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