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Archaeopteryx lithographica by durbed

Animal Statistics
Animal Type Primitive bird
Diet Carnivore

Archeopteryx is an adoptable animal in Wildlife Park: Wild Creatures.

Archeopteryx was the first bird and the missing link between dinosaurs and birds and is proof the birds may well be living dinosaurs. Archeopteryx lived during the late jurassic period.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Archeopteryx

Wildlife Park: Wild CreaturesEdit

It was first seen in Wildlife Park: Wild Creatures. In Wild Creatures, it must be bred back from the flamingo and its animal house resembles a large egg.


  • Archeopteryx is the only dinosaur in the Wildlife Park series to have feathers.

Trivia not relevant for the gameEdit

  • In 2011, graduate student Ryan Carney and colleagues performed the first colour study on an Archaeopteryx specimen. Using scanning electron microscopy technology and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis, the team was able to detect the structure of melanosomes in the single-feather specimen described in 1861. The resultant structure was then compared to that of 87 modern bird species and was determined with a high percentage of likelihood to be black. The feather studied was most probably a single covert, which would have partly covered the primary feathers on the wings. The study does not mean that Archaeopteryx was entirely black, but suggests that it had some black colouration which included the coverts. Carney pointed out that this is consistent with what we know of modern flight characteristics, in that black melanosomes have structural properties that strengthen feathers for flight. In a 2013 study published in the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, new analyses of Archaeopteryx's feathers revealed that the animal may have had complex light- and dark-coloured plumage, with only the tips of its flight feathers being primarily black. However, it was later shown that this interpretation was incorrect, and that the isolated feather was indeed matte black with a darker tip.


Archeopteryx can also be downloaded from Wildlife park 2.

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